Prada 2021 spring and summer catwalk new silk sandals (Black)

Since Raf Simons joined Prada’s first big show, the brand’s triangle logo has been redefined with “Not Defined”! In the 2021 early spring show, a cat-heel shoe has countless fans. The sneaker sole is integrated with the cat-heel without a sense of contradiction, unexpectedly fashionable feeling UP! Another boom in the fashion circle has started!
Ⓜ️The latest flat bottom series 〰️The style is simple and fashionable, and the upper foot is super comfortable. At the same time, the wrapping feeling of the upper is quite perfect. The whole is simple and advanced! The iconic logo triangle on the upper! Put on the stylish Prada girl! The color design is also very spring and summer! Each color is super gentle and easy to match!
Upper: Custom imported silk
Inside: high-end sheep
EU Size: 35-39

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